About us

I imagined Manah as a special place where people could go to get in sync with themselves and fulfill their daily life with energy, joy and health. To make it true, we will keep products and an agenda of body and mind experiences. We selected the best partners and professionals capable to help you in many ways. You may just breathe with us in the middle of a busy day, quieten your mind with group or individual sessions of meditation and other anchor practices or adopt a healthier eating routine with our delicious Bowls. We are here to assist you to get in touch with what you need, eat better, learn more about yourself, expand your consciousness level, achieve joy after all. We believe that happiness is related to a more balanced and healthier life. Create your journey with Manah. 

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Patrícia Santiago, founder.

patricia@manah.pt (+351) 919 991 734

MBA in Marketing with over 23 years of professional experience in communication. I was a former marketing manager of leading Brazilian newspapers, such as Gazeta Mercantil and Correio Braziliense, and at Grupo Renasce, a large Brazilian Shopping Mall Company. Executive at PR Agencies for 15 years, managing accounts such as FIFA, Embratur, Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Tourism, Brazilian Industry Confederation and United Nations. Seasoned professional in the research field, having lead more than 200 surveys. In Portugal, I lead my own agency - Indie Marketing, focused on data-driven marketing and communication projects and now I begin to create my new journey promoting a healthier agenda for therapists and customers.  

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